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UrlClient absorbing (error 407 proxy required) WebException


In the case where a user is behind an authenticated proxy may I suggest that you not attempt to parse the response, rather just allow that exception to bubble up as normal.

UrlClient.cs line 39, my suggestion is to add HttpStatusCode.ProxyAuthenticationRequired to the list of status codes not to process.
In addition if you do not process the response please 'throw;', this would also include not processing the WebException if it's not a ProtocolError or the response is null 'throw;'.

This will allow the proper exception to be seen in the logs instead of incorrectly pointing the finger at the JsonReader. At present the JsonReader is throwing an exception while it attempts to process the content of the response, which is an html page in the case of 'ProxyAuthenticationRequired' (at least in the proxy I'm using).
Closed Feb 12, 2011 at 1:46 AM by lfoust
Fixed. Thank you for the great bug report. Made fixing it much easier.