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Version upgrade causing JSON Serialization issues.


This morning I had the change to try out the new version for Windows Phone 7 and simply removed the previous version dlls and dependencies for Stacky and added the new ones from Now I am getting errors from the SerializationHelper class at line 71 of the of the DeserializeJson<T>(string json) method:

return (T)ser.Deserialize(reader, typeof(T));

With the error:

Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: . Line 1, position 1.

I haven't had the chance to properly debug this and see what's going on. But reverting back the changes to the previous version of Stacky has worked.

Are there any breaking changes that are required for this version?


lfoust wrote Mar 4, 2011 at 6:46 PM

You do have to update the version number you pass into the stacky client constructor from "1.0" to "1.1". Did you do that? If that doesn't fix the issue let me know how to repro and I will look into it.


RTomlinson wrote Mar 6, 2011 at 3:21 PM

Yeah I did that with the last release. It should just be a case of removing reference to the old binaries and using the new ones. Were there any architectural changes? I'm not ruling out the possibility of something at my end, but it just doesn't seem likely. I'll investigate further tonight.