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GetQuestionAnswers(int questionId....) doesn't appear to work.


I'm using the StackClient to retrieve the answers for a particular question using the Question.Id property. This however always brings back an empty PagedList<Answer>. Looking through reflector I see that the following is being called:

public virtual void GetQuestionAnswers(int questionId, Action<IPagedList<Answer>> onSuccess, [Optional, DefaultParameterValue(null)] Action<ApiException> onError, [Optional, DefaultParameterValue(2)] QuestionsByUserSort sortBy, [Optional, DefaultParameterValue(1)] SortDirection sortDirection, [Optional, DefaultParameterValue(null)] int? page, [Optional, DefaultParameterValue(null)] int? pageSize, [Optional, DefaultParameterValue(false)] bool includeBody)
int? CS$0$0000 = null;
DateTime? CS$0$0001 = null;
this.GetUsersAnswers(questionId.ToArray(), onSuccess, onError, sortBy, sortDirection, page, pageSize, includeBody, false, CS$0$0000, null, CS$0$0001, null);

I could be wrong but could the reason be that you are calling this.GetUsersAnswers using the questionId?
Closed Feb 12, 2011 at 1:38 AM by lfoust
Fixed. Thanks for catching this.